Heartwarming New Book is a Tribute to Triumph Over Pain and Traumatic Life Events

My One-Eyed, Three-Legged Therapist: How My Cat Clio Saved Me is the story of how an adorable, spunky, gray-and-white kitten helped the author regain the courage to face life’s challenges and realize that none of us is truly alone. Born into poverty, losing her dad at age seven, and targeted by bullies, Kathy turned to pets for unconditional love and acceptance. A difficult childhood led to an abusive marriage, but things changed on her fortieth birthday when her staff at the organization where she worked gave her an extraordinary cat named Clio. The runt of the litter, a two-time cancer survivor, and a special needs cat, Clio nevertheless had an incredible will to live full tilt. This intrepid feline knew no fear and displayed unlimited self-confidence. She overcame not one, but two disabilities. By watching Clio thrive despite what life threw at her, Kathy was able to put her own life in perspective by learning to accept the past, embrace the present, and look forward to the future.

Advance Praise for My One-Eyed, Three-Legged Therapist: How My Cat Clio Saved Me

My One-Eyed, Three-Legged Therapist is a heartwarming tribute to the many cats Kathy Finley has loved in her life, especially her completely confident Clio. Her empathy and love for Clio led Finley to see the world through Clio’s eyes and experience the joy, resilience, determination, and self-esteem our companion animals can teach us if we only watch and listen. All animal lovers will thoroughly relate and will enjoy curling up with this book.” —Patrick McDonnell, creator of MUTTS comic strip

“Kathy Finley’s wonderfully written and very intimate memoir exemplifies not only the human-animal bond, but also the powerful healing effects that cats have on their people. It is a story of personal triumph and finding one’s inner strength to conquer traumatic life events. This is a must-read for cat lovers and also for those who are healing from current or previous painful experiences.” —Dawn White, www.lolatherescuedcat.com

“Often hilarious, sometimes deeply poignant, but above all surprising and original. Any animal-lover will find Finley’s very personal story compelling.” —Mary A. Turzillo, author of Cosmic Cats and Fantastic Furballs

About the Author

Kathy M. Finley is a lifelong animal lover who has a special affinity for cats and cat rescue. After a successful career in the nonprofit sector where she served in leadership positions, she became an advocate for animals. She is a frequent blogger for a number of cat rescue sites and has her own blog at kathyfinley.com. She is an award-winning member of the Cat Writers Association and a donor to many animal rescue groups.

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