Purdue University Press Celebrates 100 Open Access Titles

Purdue University Press has been a supporter of open access—the principle of free access to information and research online—for more than two decades. Recently, the Press celebrated its 100th open access (OA) book, which complements its thirteen OA journals. The Press has been able to reach this milestone through the generosity and partnership of several entities.

Knowledge Unlatched recently chose five Purdue University Press titles to include in their most recent round of unlatched books:

Purdue University Press is participating in a pilot project within the Big Ten Academic Alliance along with six other university presses with the goal to curate open access titles from a shared topic. The topic of choice is gender and sexuality studies, with Purdue opening access to 12 of the 100 titles within this ongoing project, set to go live later in 2023. Just a few of the Purdue titles included will be:

Additionally, several of the Press book series now release all new titles as open access ebooks from day one. Print editions remain available for purchase, and select backlist titles are being flipped to open regularly.

  • Purdue Studies in Romance Literatures (PSRL)
  • The Jewish Role in American Life: An Annual Review
  • Studies in Jewish Civilization
  • The Year in C-SPAN Archives Research

Through the generous support of its parent unit, Purdue University Libraries and School of Information Studies, in 2023 Purdue University Press will release more than half of its new, academic books as native-born open access. This effort will allow for much of the scholarship published by the Press in West Lafayette, Indiana, to easily circle the globe free of charge. Information is available online for the Press’s OA books as well as a list of its journals.

About Purdue University Press

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