Magnificent Trees of Indiana

Trees have always been a passion for Carroll D. Ritter. Taking inspiration from reading a variety of historical accounts of Indiana’s great natural heritage, Ritter authored Magnificent Trees of Indiana, published by Purdue University Press. He has written this book as a fresh approach to looking at the State of Indiana through the lens of its great trees – past to present. Their beauty, character, and importance to humankind are worth the highest consideration and admiration from all persons.

Featuring more than two hundred gorgeous color photographs of Indiana’s champion trees and old-growth forest remnants, Magnificent Trees of Indiana is a celebration of the state’s natural beauty. Seventy-four trees are featured as well as twenty old-growth woods. Each has been photographed to illuminate the grandeur of the natural world. Accessible to the outdoor enthusiast, this book details the changes that have occurred over the last two centuries in Indiana’s forests, including the landscape geology and physiography. The forest is celebrated as a living community, with highlights including odd forms, curious trees, and unique occurrences—many of which can still be visited today.

John A Bacone, director emeritus, Indiana Division of Nature Preserves, Indiana Department of Natural Resources said, “Ritter is an exceptional naturalist and an excellent writer. In this wonderful volume, he brings the reader from ancient times to the present, and from landscapes to individual old growth tracts. We learn about Indiana’s biggest trees, the remaining old growth forests, and about odd and curious trees as well.”  

Magnificent Trees of Indiana makes a beautiful coffee-table gift book for any Hoosier or nature lover, walking the reader through the geologic past, into early pioneer times, and onward to the present, all while covering the history, value, and economic importance of our hardwood forests.



Magnificent Trees of Indiana
Carroll D. Ritter
Purdue University Press (March 1, 2022)
Hardcover, ISBN 9781612497419, $34.99
9×12 trim size; 280 pages; more than 270 color images

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