Purdue University Press Selects New Fulfillment and Publishing Services Partner

Purdue University Press is pleased to announce a new partnership with Longleaf Services for fulfillment and distribution services which will take effect on July 1, 2020. In addition, Purdue University Press books will be represented by the Columbia University Press Sales Consortium in the United States.

“I’ve watched over the past few years as many university presses, I respect and admire have joined Longleaf Services,” said Justin Race, Director of Purdue University Press. “Having learned about everything they offer and do; I can now see why. We’re looking forward to a fruitful partnership for years to come that will get our scholarship in as many hands as possible.”

Robbie Dircks, president of Longleaf Services, added, “We are pleased to welcome Purdue University Press into the family of Longleaf client publishers. The addition of new publishers under the Longleaf umbrella increases our economies and efficiencies and allows Longleaf to fulfill our mission of providing fulfillment and publishing solutions so that our client publishers can focus on their core mission of content acquisition and dissemination.”

Additional information for customers, partners, and vendors will be forthcoming.

About Purdue University Press

Founded in 1960, Purdue University Press is dedicated to the dissemination of scholarly and professional information. We publish books in several key subject areas including Purdue & Indiana, Aeronautics/Astronautics, the Human-Animal Bond, Central European Studies, Jewish Studies, and other select disciplines.

Learn more about Purdue University Press at www.press.purdue.edu

About Longleaf Services

Longleaf Services, Inc. provides complete fulfillment services for not-for-profit scholarly publishers. Operating with a collaborative philosophy, it enables client publishers to enhance their competitiveness, improve operating efficiencies, and create economies of scale, resulting in better service to their customers and lowering overall operating costs for both publisher and book buyer. A 501(c)3 organization, Longleaf provides services for Baylor University Press, the University of Calgary Press, Cork University Press, Cornell University Press, the University of Georgia Press, Louisiana State University Press, the University of Manitoba Press, the University of Nebraska Press, the University of New Mexico Press, the University of North Carolina Press, the University of Notre Dame Press, the University of Oklahoma Press, Syracuse University Press, Texas Tech University Press, Truman State University Press, Vanderbilt University Press, the University of Virginia Press, and the University of the West Indies Press.

Learn more about Longleaf Services at www.longleafservices.org